The Story Behind the Stories

Butterflies for Life was first written in 1997. Liana’s mom was in a new relationship that looked troubling to her. Knowing that her mom was normally a vibrant woman, Liana noticed that her mom’s partner was controlling more of the narrative of their relationship, and her mom appeared to be losing herself to his directions. It took some time, but eventually her mom realized what was going on after meeting a new friend, who encouraged her to “stop living the life of a spider” and fly like the butterfly that she was meant to be. A portion of the proceeds from each book sold is donated to

Fish Can Not Climb Trees was written in 2019. Liana and Rebecca’s friend was a foster mom for newborns for quite a few years. She took in many infants and provided them a safe space while their troubled worlds got sorted out. After fostering a few little ones, she was able to adopt one little girl. Then at the age of six, her daughter was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – FASD. The family willingly restructured their home and routines to accomodate their daughter’s sensitivities. One day in conversation, she told the author how “she was a happy little fish, but would never be able to climb a tree.” This became the inspiration for this book. A portion of the proceeds from each book sold is donated to

We Are ALL HOOmans was written in 2021. It is an inspired story. A colourful, yet powerful story reflective of humanity’s struggle with race told through owls. Liana and Rebecca’s “daytime jobs” have them interact with many different ethnicities every day. Despite the colour of everyone’s skin and cultural differences, they witness the similarities of everyone being part of the same human collective. Human hearts all need to pump the same amount of human blood, human children are all created the same way, human bodies all need to maintain the same temperature to stay healthy and human bodies were all affected most recently by the same global virus. We Are ALL HOOmans. A portion of the proceeds from each book sold is donated to Ronald Mcdonald House Charities.

BOUNCE! is Daniel's first book and was also inspired by our mom! It is a true story that our mom found a broken frond from one of her plants in her garden, that she then "rescued". It is also true that she had geckos in her garden that she would smile at. The rest of the story is how Daniel figured it all happened!
THE CAT WITH TOO MANY BEDS was inspired by Daniel's cat Duffy.
The Thing That Made the Chicken Go... "WOO!" is the first of Daniel's books illustrated by his niece Rebecca and coloured by Liana. It became a family project of getting one of Unca Dan's many stories made into a book for others to enjoy.