Silly Stories n’Stuff

D. Daniel Sutherland & Liana Joi Jennings
(nee Sutherland)
Once upon a time, many, many years ago,
My little brother was brought home in a month without snow.

We grew up into adults, as all children do -
With marriages and babes of our own - just a few.

My brother was always the one with the laugh -
A joke or a limerick - he's quick as a giraffe?

Making people smile is the goal of his day -
And he will always get one with the words he can say.

He's created some stories in books now as well,
Silly Stories n'Stuff for you to enjoy and to tell.
D. Daniel Sutherland has been telling stories for decades to anyone that would listen. It certainly made things easier once he had a captive audience of his own children! Sadly, children tend to grow up and become harder to keep pinned down to listen to the adventures of the people and creatures that live in his head. But, luckily enough, life gave him a second round with one more captive! So, the stories continue! Hopefully your children will enjoy them and you'll be asked to read them over and over and over again!
The other day on the farm, there was an interesting sound.

It floated past the barn, and all across the ground.

It jumped over the fence, and shook the big trees.

And made Old Farmer Brown fall right down on his knees!

It was a very odd sound. One he'd never heard before.

So, he grabbed his straw hat and ruched off to explore!...

The tiny, little lizard, was bored beside his pond.

So he ventured to a new place, and climbed upon a frond.

It seemed a little bouncy and a whole lot of fun!

So he bounced a little higher! But his fun had just begun!

BOUNCE and BOUNCE! He went pretty high!

BOUNCE and BOUNE! He felt he could fly!...
There once was a cat with too many beds.
Just too many places to lay down his head.

Large and medium and extra small.
Firm and fluffly. He had them all.

He had one made of silk with ribbons and bows,
and lines of small beads in cute, little rows.

A grand, wooden one with arches and carvings.
And crystal food bowls to keep him from starving...